‘Splice Here’ at the 2024 AACTA Awards

At the AACTA awards tonight with our nominated score for the magnificent Australian documentary film Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey, pictured here with director Rob Murphy! No gold for us unfortunately but it was awesome to be here amongst such phenomenal Australian talent. Congratulations to the winners in our category (Best Music for a Documentary), two of my favourite composers, Caitlin Yeo and Damien Lane! Big thanks also to my co-composer Burkhard Dallwitz

And below are some of the local composer contingent!

Screen Composers Me-Lee Hay, Cornel Wilcek, Brett Aplin, Caitlin Yeo, Damien Lane, Sam Weiss, Amanda Brown, Dmitri Golovko and Luna Pan. Norman Parkhill (In Sync) on right