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Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey

Best Soundtrack Album
ARIA Awards (2023)
Best Original Score for a Documentary
AACTA Awards (2024)

From the Official Website

“Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey is a love letter to film; told through the eyes of documentarian and projectionist, Rob (Bert) Murphy. A decade ago when film projectors were being ripped out of cinemas and replaced by digital counterparts it was pretty clear that film was facing its death knell. Like many others Rob felt digital was a poor substitute so (without knowing exactly what he was starting) he picked up a camera and began recording what he thought was the end of an era. The resulting ten year adventure has now crossed three continents and explored every facet of film preservation through the secret world of the projectionist underground. We discover how the digital revolution has not just changed the way we see movies, but is becoming a very real threat to how we will remember them.”

We are exctied to have picked up an ARIA Award nomination in the category ‘Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album’ for our soundtrack for Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey, AND and AACTA Award nomination for ‘Best Original Score in a Documentary’!

I composed this score with Burkhard Dallwitz for director Rob Murphy for his MIFF feature documentary about the rise, fall and re-birth of projected film.  We wrote in multiple musical styles and genres, from old-school 50s and 60s orchestral vibes conjuring sweeping vistas and Hitchcockian set-pieces, through to modern neo-classical, country and plenty more in between.  It shouldn’t work together as an album but it really does. It was creatively a very satisfying experience!

Congratulations to all the other nominees. Our album is available to stream everywhere!

Splice Here is now screening in select cinemas nationally, and has screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Cinefest OZ, Widescreen Weekend and Doc NYC Film Festivals!

Splice Here was scored by Zeitgeist Music, a collaborative partnership between Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin and Dmitri Golovko allowing the delivery of the highest quality scores under increasingly tight and often overlapping post-production schedules of high profile productions.

"Less of a nostalgia-fest than it is an appreciation of a craft rarely acknowledged, Splice Here is an ode to the innovation of our most plastic art."

Tara Judah
Senses of Cinema, Jan 2023

“Splice Here is essential viewing for film geeks, celebrating an army of projectors, collectors, filmmakers, archivists, and inventors that care about preserving and advancing film culture. A sprawling and personal journey that is rewarding mostly because Murphy is an engaging guide, he has fashioned a generous and well-researched cinematic essay."

John Fink
The Film Stage, Nov 14, 2022

“Murphy’s film is a love letter to a time lost and also a peek at what is to come."

Nadine Whitney
Filmink, Nov 22, 2014

"a loving tribute to projectionists and old-school film" "an engaging, often humourous, always loving salute to an era of film making and film presentation that, while fading, refuses to fade out."

Jim Schembri
Nov 24, 2022

“a charming love letter to film as a means for capturing and sharing the moving image" "a well-made, absorbing documentary that has important points to make about film culture and preservation. It concludes that, ultimately, film and digital are different media and should be treated accordingly; both have their place in the world of cinema but film, especially, needs to be conserved or something very precious will be lost. "

Ian and Sheila Taylor
A Film Life, 2022