The Making of Modern Australia

The Making of Modern Australia
Bob and Loretta
Tangos of the heart
Olive and Roger
Romantic voyage
Alone and pregnant
New age man
New wave to 90s
Aquarius festival
We fought against it
The Apology
The Australian Soul
Unaffordable Dream
Menzies vision

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Documentary series, 4 x 1hr (2010) – ABC1
dir. Susan Lambert, Steve Westh | prod. Ian Collie | edit. Denise Haslem, Tim Woodhouse | narr. William McInnes
Essential Media and Entertainment

  • Winner 2010 SMH Couch Potato Best Local Documentary
  • Selected for Fipatel Market 2011

The Making of Modern Australia is a landmark social history series that tells the big stories of post-war Australia through the eyes and the personal archives of those that lived it – the people of Australia themselves.

Episodes: 1 – The Australian Child, 2 – The Australian Dream, 3 – The Australian Heart, 4 – The Australian Soul

What the Critics have said...

“the carefully compiled footage is evocative and the personal reflections are vivid and sometimes very moving”. – Debi Enker, The Age Green Guide, 15 July 2010

“what makes Modern Australia is its willingness to embrace the dark as well as the light” “using terrific individual stories to bring five decades of social trands to life makes our modern history feel bright and real” – Melinda Houston, The Age, 22 July 2010

“I love this series…I thought it was fascinating”. – Greg Hassall, The Guide Show – The Age Online, 22 July 2010

“It’s a good watch..interesting without a doubt”. – Doug Anderson, The Guide Show – The Age Online, 22 July 2010

Harsh and Ignorant: Australia’s Wonder Years mythPaul Kalina, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 2010