Surviving Georgia

All that you love (co-composed with Abi Tucker)
Surviving Georgia theme
Rose confronts her
Heidi and the glass factory
Introducing Georgia
Johnny leaves
Heidi visits Georgia
She's not there
Frank tells the girls

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Feature Film (2011) starring Holly Valance, Pia Miranda, Shane Jacobson, Spencer McLaren, Caroline O’Connor
dir. Sandra Sciberras & Kate Whitbread | prod. Kate Whitbread & Spencer McLaren | edit. Cindy Clarkson
Momo Films

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SURVIVING GEORGIA is an intelligent, funny, moving and delightful romantic comedy starring some of Australia’s most loved actors from film and television. The arrival of matching letters from their estranged mother Georgia (Caroline O’Connor) turns Heidi (Pia Miranda) and Rose’s (Holly Valance) worlds upside down, starting a chain of events that ultimately leads them to discover that love, resolution and happiness can be found in the most unexpected places!

What the Critics have said...

For the soundtrack…”What Aplin has done is really make something rather unique, flavorful and just plain wonderful…Within its simplicity, small sounds and short running time it was able to make a large lasting impression on me. It’s hard to explain it and with music that’s usually the case. You can’t really express it in writing, you just need to listen to it for yourself…So go on, go experience something new” – Kaya Savas, Film, Music and Media, Mar 2012

“Driven by engaging lead performances and working from an honest but sweet script, this winds up a real charmer. Holly Valance is terrific. From its light, breezy, pop-inflected soundtrack to its idealised romantic interests… Surviving Georgia is a warm, positive film that counters every moment of sadness and heartbreak with one of optimism. Directors Sciberras and Whitbread obviously love their characters, and that feeling spills infectiously off the screen – Surviving Georgia is a real charmer. ”. – Erin Free, Filmink, Oct 2011

“Surviving Georgia is also occasionally charming and sweet, and there are genuinely touching moments…And Shane Jacobson impresses again with his natural screen presence.
Many people will love this film…”. – Scott Murray, The Age, October 2011

“Surviving Georgia attracted overspill crowds and extra seating had to be rushed in. Writer/directors Sandra Sciberras and Kate Whitbread delivered a romantic comedy from what was originally written as a heavy drama about a woman (Caroline O’Connor as Georgia) who leaves her two young children before they reach puberty – and then 12 years later tries to reconnect and gain their forgiveness. Pia Miranda and Holly Valance play the daughters (Heidi and Rose), with Shane Jacobson as the country town cop who falls for Rose and Spencer McLaren as the city guy chasing Heidi. It’s an audience pleaser with a well maintained tone that allows the themes to breathe and terrific performances. ”. – Andrew L Urban, Urban Cinefile, June 2010

“For me, labelling Surviving Georgia a Romantic Comedy does it a disservice, because it is much more than that… Like many Australian films, Surviving Georgia defies strict genre categorisations. And for me, it’s a better film for it.”. – Tim Hunter, Citysearch, Oct 2011

“Sandra Sciberras…really knows how to write a romantic drama, her characters are truly believable…while the story is enough to really captivate the audience. Pia Miranda and Holly Valance are sensational in the lead roles, and this is the movie that really shows Valance’s true acting ability. Surviving Georgia is an amazing film that Australia should be proud of. With an excellent story, fine cinematography and terrific acting this is one film that shouldn’t be missed. 4 stars”. – Dave Griffiths, Buzz magazine, Oct 2011

”.the energy and passion of the filmmakers is evident as the serious subject matter provides a foundation for observational humour. Holly Valance and Pia Miranda are terrific as the sisters, and Shane Jacobson makes an enormous contribution with his comedic talents, without overbalancing the character. Indeed, his naturalistic performance helps ground the film as well as add some deeper resonances, thanks to some fine dialogue (backed by a degree of wisdom)”. – Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile, Dec 2011