Ten Pound Poms

10 Pound Poms
David flies to Australia
Taking advantage of the scheme
Populate or Perish
Leaving home
Lack of family support
Kathleen goes bush
John Howel's expectations of Australia

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Documentary (2007) – ABC1, BBC2
dir. Lisa Matthews | prod. Nial Fulton | edit. Mark Fox
Essential Media and Entertainment

  • Sydney Morning Herald Couch Potato Awards (2007) – Best Local Documentary
  • 55th Sydney International Film Festival (2008)
  • Dendy Award nominee, Best Community Documentary (2008)

The story of invisible British migration to Australia, Ten Pound Poms is a classic one-hour social history documentary tracing the story of the Ten Pound Poms and their families from the post-war era through to the 1960’s.

What the Critics have said...

“skilfully interwoven present-day interviews, archival footage and photographs.”. – Lenny Ann Low, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 2007
A stunning 2.6 million Britons tuned in to watch Ten Pound Poms when it screened on BBC2’s prestigious Timewatch slot in early February in 2008. Given that the Timewatch slot usually averages an audience of 1.8 million, this made Ten Pound Poms one of the most watched Timewatch documentaries ever screened.