Mako Mermaids – Season 3

Zac and Weilan's plan is compromised by Evie
Convincing Rikki
Would a puzzle box work
Miss Trumble sucked into the puzzle box
Weilan's water dragon warning to Zac
Mimmi cleans the pond - Evie's lesson
Mimmi and Zac learn about their mother Narissa
Weilan tells of the dragon
Weilan rescues Amaris
Weilan looks like leaving Rita's
Waterspout dragon scare
The puzzle box
The boys arrive on Mako and Amaris is spotted
Rikki refuses to help - the girls escape
Ondina throws down the challenge
Ondina Chris and heat sensor
Ondina can't get rid of her tail
Ondina as a cook, Weilan to school
Evie reconciles with her Dad
Evie gets itchy
Dragon attack
Discussing Evie
Chris breaks up with Mimmi
Carly is upset
Cam and Carly catch each other out

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Drama series, 16 x 30 mins (2016) – Netflix, Network Ten, ZDF
dir. Evan Clarry & Grant Brown | prod. Jonathan M. Shiff | co-composer Ricky Edwards
Jonathan M Shiff Productions

From the ZDF website:

“The success story of “Mako Mermaids”. spin-off of hit series “H2O – Just Add Water”. continues.

Life is trouble-free on Mako Island – until Ondina meets Weilan, a mermaid from the Eastern pod. They immediately clash and Mimmi must act as peacemaker. But a greater threat to their peace has arrived, in the form of a fearsome Chinese water dragon that once destroyed the Eastern pod. But the dragon is not all it appears to be. On their perilous quest to defeat the dragon, Zac and the mermaids discover shocking secrets until a final confrontation reveals all…

Mako Mermaids is available to stream on Netflix worldwide and screens on Network Ten as Mako: Island of Secrets.