Day 1
The laneway
Mounting pressure
Jill's phone
Time was running out
Bayley's account
We've got him
Driving there

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Documentary (2016) – ABC1
dir. Terry Carlyon | prod. Terry Carlyon & Robin Miller | edit. Terry Carlyon
DD&B Productions

This is a truly riveting documentary. Very powerful and I’m proud to have been a part of it. I hope you manage to catch it.

From the ABC press release:

The one off documentary special Conviction, is an intense and riveting study of what it takes to solve a high-profile and emotionally charged murder, told through the eyes of the homicide detectives who brought Jill Meagher’s killer to justice. In a series of powerfully honest and engrossing interviews, Victorian detectives relive the hunt for the killer of the Melbourne ABC staffer, whose disappearance in September 2012 sparked a social media frenzy and galvanised a national outpouring of emotion.

Narrated by Walkley award-winning crime writer John Silvester, this is the story behind the headlines: the personal journeys that underpinned the search for Jill, the very public manhunt for her killer and the elaborate weaving of evidence that would finally trap him into confession after hours of police interrogation. The journey as the case unfolds piece-by-piece, is a remarkable account of the often painstaking and sometimes inspired steps that must be taken to find, catch and convict a killer. Conviction leads viewers through the complicated professional, personal and public stakes that intertwine around murder. It is a twisting of events that leaves very few untouched.

What the Critics have said...

“Conviction is intriguing and illuminating” “Few true-crime stories of murder take us so far behind the media headlines and the bare outlines of the cases. And few of the many true-crime reconstructions of famous cases manage to twist together so mesmerisingly the complicated professional, personal and public stakes that intertwine around murder.” “Carlyon evokes the same kind of existential unease in us as we watch what the detectives are experiencing, a visceral involvement enhanced by Brett Aplin’s atmospheric score” – Graeme Blundell, The Weekend Australian, 22 Sept 2016

“This true-crime tale is a cracking hour. Which is a shame, because it should have been six” “the story unfolds with as much tension as any episode of CSI: Melbourne could muster” “It’s powerful stuff” – Karl Quinn, Fairfax Newspapers, 22 Sept 2016

”.brilliant and harrowing ABC documentary…” – Jacqueline Lunn, Mamamia, 28 Sept 2016