Todd Sampson’s Body Hack

Todd Samspon's Body Hack - Theme
Phobia and walking on the ocean floor
Global Phenonmenon
Vertical rock wall
The MMA fight
Climbing and summitting
Todd's time comes to an end
Todd's introduction to the Bajau
The infirmary
The hunters return
Mumbai to stunt school
Kids dancing and no word for worry
Honeyguide bird
Hadza men and marksmanship
Body Hack - Credits
Dropped off for the night
Falling, dopamine and risk
Farewell to the Bajau

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Documentary Series, 6 x 1hr (2016) – Network Ten, Discovery Channel International
dir. Jeff Siberry | prod. Chris Thorburn
Essential Media & Entertainment

I was composer, music supervisor and music editor on this one. Heaps of fun.

From the Network Ten site:

A remarkable and original new series, Todd Sampson’s Body Hack will see Todd become the guinea pig as he sets forth on a journey to discover how some of the most extraordinary people in the world live.

Whether he’s hunter-gathering in Tanzania, MMA Cage Fighting in New Mexico, training with the notorious French Foreign Legion, or working as a Himalayan Sherpa at extreme altitude, Todd uses science as a guide to deconstructing and decoding how these incredible people live, what they do differently from the rest of us, and how this impacts the human body.

What the Critics have said...

“It’s an illuminating and at times punishing journey and Sampson is a thoughtful and engaging guide.” – Debi Enker, Fairfax papers, 29 Sept 2016

”.makes the whole series so worthwhile” “With Body Hack we have a rip-roaring adventure that not everyone is going to approve of, but that certainly adds something valuable to our bank of knowledge about human potential.” – Melinda Houston, Fairfax papers, 2 Oct 2016