Mako Mermaids – Season 2

Battle for the Merman chamber
Zac retrieves the moon ring
A dolphin, Mimmi and Chris
Baby Rita
Entering the Merman Chamber
Erik confronts Rita - Mimmi at class
Ondina leaves the pod
Mimmi meets Chris
Erik takes Zacs powers
Evie spills moon water on Cam
Erik threatens Zac
Battle over David's boat
Cam and Carly kiss
Sirena diverts the crowd
Searching for Neppy
Searching for Erik as Poseidon
Cam eats lettuce - Mimmi confronts Erik
Cam powers through the water
Sirena swims on the reef
Zac activates the merman chamber
Carl, frozen Cam and the secret
Zac apologises in whale tongue
Zac grapples with being a real merman
Erik presses Mimmi for information

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Drama series, 26 x 30 mins (2015) – Netflix, Network Ten, ZDF
dir. Evan Clarry & Grant Brown | prod. Jonathan M. Shiff | co-composer Ricky Edwards
Jonathan M Shiff Productions

From the ZDF website:

“The success story of “Mako Mermaids”. spin-off of hit series “H2O – Just Add Water”. continues.

Mako is a magical Island that a pod of mermaids call home. Their peaceful lives are turned upside down when a merman develops a connection with the island that poses a threat to their existence. As the mermaids struggle to take back his powers, they discover that his connection with Mako isn’t quite an accident. The mystery of Mako deepens, when Zac discovers the ruins of an ancient Merman Temple. At first only he can see it. But once awoken, the ruins become visible to all during the full moon.”

Mako Mermaids is available to stream on Netflix and is screens locally on Network Ten as Mako: Island of Secrets.