Ozdox screening tonight – The Worm Hunters

introducing victor - the worm hunters
are hosting a screening and discussion on our documentary film The Worm Hunters tonight Wednesday 14th August at AFTRS in Sydney at 6:30. The Worm Hunters has an unconventional structure for a documentary and as such “Ozdox is showing this film primarily because of its form. In this session we will ask you, the viewer, to decide whether this documentary’s use of animated graphics, fast cutting, layered editing and multi-character stories enhances or devalues its mission of revealing important information about one of nature’s most maligned, undervalued and forgotten animals”¦
Randall who has a conservatorium degree in music composition and performance believes that “sound is the king and queen”. and great music “is the heart and soul”. of a film. The brief he gave composer Brett Aplin was to create a score for a “global James Bond spy drama”. ”” so how does such a sonic “soul”. fit with serious documentary purpose?”
(from the Ozdox website)

It’s won a bunch of awards so if you love documentary check it out and be part of the discussion