The Shadow of Mary Poppins

Shadow of Mary Poppins

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Documentary (2002) – ABC1, CBC, Artsworld, RTE, AVRO
dir. Lisa Matthews | prod. Ian Collie | edit. Karin Steininger | narr. Pamela Rabe
Essential Media and Entertainment

  • 50th Sydney International Film Festival (2003)
  • Nominated for a Dendy Award – Best Documentary (2003)
  • 32nd Wellington Film Festival (2003)
  • 12th Brisbane International Film Festival (2003)
  • Sydney Writers Festival (2003)

Mary Poppins is a universal and much loved character that has spanned three generations…But very few people know anything of the Australian creator of Mary Poppins, Pamela Travers, and her remarkable but troubled life. This is the story behind the fictional legend…without the spoonful of sugar

UPDATE Jan 2014!This 2002 Documentary inspired the 2013 Hollywood film Saving Mr Banks starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks – both were produced by Ian Collie. We have in turn updated The Shadow of Mary Poppins, incorporating new footage including from Saving Mr Banks and interviews with the stars of the film. The new 2014 documentary is titled The Real Mary Poppins!