documentary series

The Polar Bear Family & Me


In “The Polar Bear Family & Me”, legendary wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan travels deep into the Arctic for his greatest challenge yet – infiltrating a family of polar bears and documenting the cubs’ epic struggle for survival. The Arctic’s Svalbard Islands has the highest density of polar bears in the world, and following these dangerous carnivores proves to be the ultimate challenge. Watch as Buchanan attempts to gain the trust of polar bear cubs Miki and Luca as they take their first strides in the frozen splendour of the Arctic. Buchanan documents the cubs’ first year of joyous triumphs and threatening obstacles. Experience first hand the frigid and barren landscape in this stunning, ground breaking miniseries.

Over 100 minutes of music…

Saritha Wilkinson
Ted Oakes
Mark Fox, Darren Flaxstone, Matt Meech
Prod Company:
BBC Nature
3 x 1 hr
BBC2, Animal Planet

"It is extraordinary footage, the nearest to knowing what it's like to be eaten by a bear without actually being eaten by a bear."

Sam Wollaston
The Guardian - 8 Jan 2013

"If ever a series deserves an award then this is it." "Leading the way has been the genuinely mesmerising Polar Bear Family and Me in which film maker Gordon Buchanan spent a year observing life in the raw. "

John Anson
Lancashire Telegraph - John Anson