Canberra Confidential

Canberra Confidential
Phillip Dorling
ASIO visits Phillip
East Timor burns
Combe and Farmer
Harry Jones
Hawke is visited
The Griffin vision
The Kurrajong Hotel
Combe-Ivanov affair
March of the faceless
Grooming a spy
The bunker
ASIO watching
Dead letter drops
Come to Canberra!
Bureaucratic vision
Naming of Canberra
The innuendo bomb
Canberra Confidential Credits
The hunt fails
No friends in politics
Combe has fallen

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Documentary (2013) – ABC1
dir. Ian Walker | prod. Simon Nasht, Kate Hodges | edit. Karin Steininger
Smith & Nasht

From the ABC website:

“Nothing much happens in Canberra, never has. That’s what most people think. ABC presenter Annabel Crabb is set to change your mind in Canberra Confidential, a revealing and whimsical rummage through a century of secrets in our nation’s capital. While Canberra celebrates its centenary in March, there’s no better time to lay bare its past scandals and secrets. This stylish documentary noir, courtesy of director Ian Walker and cinematographer Peter Coleman, dishes the dirt on a series of almost forgotten scandals, spectacular political skulduggery and espionage sagas that rocked the nation. Along the way, our Phryne Fisher-style “political gumshoe”. meets with players, prime ministers, reporters and the victims of some of the nation’s greatest scandals”

What the Critics have said...

“Marvellous” – Bridget McManus, The Age Green Guide. 7 March 2013