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The Gloaming

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From Vicki Madden, the acclaimed creator of The Kettering Incident, comes the Stan and ABC / Disney original series ‘The Gloaming’, a powerful and provocative new crime drama shot against the surreal landscapes of Tasmania.

From the STAN website:

“When an unidentified woman is found brutally murdered, evidence discovered at the scene links to a 20-year-old unsolved crime. What begins as a routine investigation exposes something more insidious, as political corruption and shady business dealings intertwine with sinister crimes and occult practices.

The thrilling eight-part series stars Emma Booth (Glitch) and Ewen Leslie (The Cry) Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy), Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road) and Rena Owen (Siren), with a stellar director lineup including Michael Rymer (American Horror Story), Greg McLean (Stan Original Series Wolf Creek) and Sian Davies (Wentworth).”

It was a privilege to co-compose the score for this fabulous series with Burkhard and Dmitri for Vicki and John. Think ‘Scandi-noir’ but in Tassie! The series premieres New Years Day 2020 on STAN

The Gloaming was scored by Zeitgeist Music, a collaborative partnership between Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin and Dmitri Golovko allowing the delivery of the highest quality scores under increasingly tight and often overlapping post-production schedules of high profile productions.

Michael Rymer, Greg McClean, Sian Davies
Vicki Madden, John Molloy & Fiona McConaghy
Dave Redman, Anne Carter, Angie Higgins, Sean Lahiff
Burkhard Dallwitz, Dmitri Golovko
Prod Company:
Sweet Potato Films
8 x 1 hr
STAN, Disney+, STARZ

“Every once in a while a film or television series comes around with an aesthetic so eye-watering it makes plaudits such as “evocative” or “painterly” seem manifestly inadequate.” "thrilling air of surprise and intrigue” “Roaming forlornness, an evil spirit, an unwholesome sea: these feel like apt words to describe the brilliant brume of The Gloaming” 4/5 Stars

 Luke Buckmaster
The Guardian, 30 Dec 2019

“The show is gorgeously shot, making the landscape seem almost sentient" "It definitely feels like the sort of place where a uniquely British blend of Christian and occult beliefs might flourish ferally amid primeval natural beauty.” 3.5/4 Stars

Mel Campbell
Screenhub, 20 Dec 2019

“Moody and unsettling, this ambitious new streaming series imprints on you until you can’t shake that uneasiness off”

Wenlei Ma
News.com.au, 2 Jan 2020

“Moody and unsettling, this ambitious new streaming series imprints on you until you can’t shake that uneasiness off”

Wenlei Ma
News.com.au, 2 Jan 2020

“Deliciously creepy tale is satisfying storytelling” “Fans of The Kettering Incident, we have good news: The Gloaming is even better. The limited-run show is a masterclass is sending ribbons of seemingly-unrelated plot streaming over the screen, before slowly pulling them together over eight nail-biting hours.” “There is no need to say ‘this is one of the best Australian productions in recent years’, although it is. The Gloaming can clearly go toe-to-toe with the best crime miniseries the world has to offer.”

Frances Vinall
MamaMia, 13 Jan 2020

“Tasmania only seems to get spookier every time you see it on TV”

Brad Newsome
The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Dec 2019

“One of the Stan streaming service’s most ambitious original productions to date.”

New York Times

“A glorious mix of crime and supernatural, featuring a gripping murder-mystery that crime fans will be hooked on”


“Incredible acting, genuine scares, unresolved sexual tension and a plot line that kept me guessing from scene to scene.”