Rogue Nation

Bligh arrives
Warrants and Evictions
The Trial
Sudds and Thompson
Patterson Returns
Darling is Vindicated

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Documentary series – 2 x 1hr (2008) – ABC1
dir. Peter Andrikidis & Lisa Matthews | prod. Ian Collie | edit. Karin Steininger
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Historian Michael Cathcart tells the epic story of how the colourful characters of early colonial Australia transformed a penal settlement into a land with rights and opportunity in a mere 40 years. Starring: John Wood, Peter O’Brien, Leanna Walsman, Geoff Morrell, John Brumpton, Les Hill and Heather Mitchell

Episode 1 – Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion of 1808
Episode 2 – Wentworth, Darling and the court cases that shaped our Nation

What the Critics have said...

Deborah Grunfeld, Who Weekly

“In terms of audience size, this will be the most popular treatment of its subject in many years, and will presumably become and important educational resource on DVD…Rogue Nation is well worth a look.” Michael Duffy, Sydney Morning Herald
“This is great television, both educational and entertaining.” Greg Hassall, Sydney Morning Herald

”.the one real criticism of Rogue Nation: it leaves us wanting more.” 3 out of 4 stars.Melinda Houston, Sunday Age

“(John) Wood plays the pompous and autocratic Governor William Bligh to perfection, while (Geoff) Morrell as the greedy, entrepreneurial pastoralist John Macarthur is superb.”Sunday Telegraph, PICK OF THE WEEK

“There’s a tendency to see Australian history as a little dull when compared with the grand sweep of European or US history but this series reveals our early days to be full of intrigue and drama.” Sydney Morning Herald, SHOW OF THE WEEK

“With re-enactments featuring some of the country’s best actors, Rogue Nation explores a rich colonial history filled with duels, treachery and power plays. A gripping and original look at early Australia’s story.”Daily Telegraph