Lucy Wants to Kill Herself

Demolition Today
Spaghetti standoff
Runaway Vaccuum Cleaner

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Short film (2008)
dir. Andrea Brookes | prod. Craig Brookes | edit. Roberta Horslie
Blue Dahlia Films

  • APRA/AGSC Australian Screen Music Awards Winner ‘Best Music for a Short Film’ 2009
  • Message to Man International Film Festival, St Petersberg Russia (2009)
  • Melbourne Underground Film Festival (2009)
  • Ottawa International Animation Festivals ‘Salon Des Refuses’ (2009)
  • Lady Filmmakers Film Festival (2010)
  • Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival (2009)
  • Busho short film festival Budapest (2009)
  • Polar Film Festival Finland (2009)

Lucy Wants To Kill Herself is a flabberghastingly amazing animated surreal black comedy about a melodramatic suicidal writer and her pet cat Mishima