Can We Save The Reef?

Eureka Prize for Science Journalism
Eureka AWARD (2014)

From the SeaLight Pictures website:

The Great Barrier Reef – home to thousands of marine species – is changing dramatically in our lifetime. Coral, the tiny animal that builds the Reef, is disappearing as climate change warms the world’s oceans. Can We Save the Reef? is the epic story of researchers racing to test bold new science to save our greatest natural wonder.

‘Can We Save the Reef?’ screened on ABC’s Catalyst program and is hosted by Professor Emma Johnston.

Congrats to Adam Geiger (director) and Colette Beaudry (producer) of SeaLight Pictures for the huge success of the film, and to Screen Australia and ABC TV for getting behind it.

Adam Geiger
Colette Beaudry
Karin Steininger
Prod Company:
ABC Australia, ARTE France, SVT Sweden, Love Nature

“The footage and the science in this Catalyst special, presented by marine biologist Professor Emma Johnston, are genuinely confronting.” “There’s some hard-hitting science and frankly depressing facts here, but also some glimmers of hope, like the reef system in Hawaii, which has proven a great testing ground for what we might do to save our own.”

Kylie Northover
Sydney Morning Herald, 28 Sept 2017

“While politicians quibble about whether climate change exists and if it’s really all our fault, Australian and international scientists are desperately trying to figure out whether anything can be done before it’s too late. This is an in-depth look at this natural wonder.”

Brigid McManus
Fairfax papers, 1 Oct 2017