Film Score Monthly Review of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Soundtrack Album by Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin & Dmitri Golovko

Film Score Monthly reviews our soundtrack to Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

A huge thanks to the esteemed Film Score Monthly magazine for the fabulous 4-star review of our soundtrack to Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries!!


‘A Tragic Reveal’ is an album highlight, with a Barry-esque opening followed by Schifrin-styled rhythms, touching on the works of two of the film music kings of the era in question. In all, the score does a fine job of calling back to the sounds of the 60s, While standing on its own as a unique piece of work in the light-comedy spy thriller genre

Music by the Zeitgeist Music team of Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko and me, & mix by Christian Scallan of The Soft Centre! Listen to the sound and read the full review below!


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