Director Rob Murphy - Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey - Composers Brett Aplin and Burkhard Dallwitz - Music for Film and Television -

Splice Here Soundtrack review

Check our this fabulous review from Movie Music International for our soundtrack to the feature documentary Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey. Thanks Jon! To read the review in full click here.

“It’s a score that will wow you from the start, a work of quality filled with rich thematic pieces and literally dripping in emotive and affecting compositions.”

“There are at times definite John Barry-esque moments that shines through, with sweeping string performances creating sensitive yet powerful themes. Although there is the odd nod here and there to the likes of John Barry and even little nuances and quirks of orchestration that could be associated with the style of James Horner, it is a score that also possesses a great amount of originality, the music being haunting, attractive, and beautiful.”

The score is overflowing with intensely melodic passages and graceful and delicately subtle tone poems, that purvey a sense of fragility, these are are performed at times on solo piano that timidly tugs at one’s heartstrings. The composers employ melancholy sounding strings, to great effect throughout, and employ horns which seem to be conveying a faraway and lonely sound. They fuse both strings and brass together to fashion wonderfully melodious sounds that really do touch your soul and make your heart flutter. In short, it’s a soundtrack that I recommend to you without reservation.”

Jon Mansell