May 2022

And would you look at that, STAN has just dropped the trailer for our true crime documentary ‘No mercy, no remorse’. And we have an airdate! June 23, only four weeks away. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Terry Carlyon (The Brotherhood,

I recently completed the music score for a powerful upcoming STAN documentary called ‘No Mercy, No Remorse’ which is a forensic examination of the hunt for Frankston serial killer Paul Denyer, and how he traumatized Melbournians in 1993. In this

Just finishing off the mix for Rob Murphy's feature doc Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey. Two cues to go! ????composer #composerlife #filmmaking #musiccomposer #filmscore #filmindustry #filmmaker #filmcomposer #filmmusic #music #SpliceHere

Here is the obligatory social media teaser! I am releasing a new soundtrack album in a little over 2 weeks. Any guesses as to the film? ???? I’m not quite sure how to describe the genre but it predominantly features