The Floating Brothel finished

October 25, 2005

A bold step - the floating brothelJust finished the score for an amazing documentary called The Floating Brothel for the ABC, BBC and PBS America. It’s a fantastic doco-drama examining the unlikely story of a boat load of convict women who resuscitated the dying colony of Sydney. Directed by Mark Lewis, edited by Karin Steininger and produced by Sonja Armstrong of Essential Media (previously Hilton Cordell Productions) this is a sumptous film of the type rarely made in this country. Tentatively scheduled to screen here early next year, I’ll let you all know the dates as they approach. It screens in Britain and America late November. I had so much fun doing this one…

Other News? A promo for the Yoga Radiance DVD was included with ‘The Age’ newspaper a couple of months ago.

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