No Mercy, No Remorse soundtrack - Music composer Brett Aplin

No Mercy, No Remorse Soundtrack

My new soundtrack album from the upcoming STAN feature documentary ‘No Mercy, No Remorse’ has been released and is available to stream! You can all get a chance to listen to the score before the film premieres next Thursday 23 June on STAN. Stream on Apple Music or Spotify.

Directed and produced by Terry Carlyon (The Brotherhood, Conviction), No Mercy, No Remorse is a forensic examination of the events surrounding the capture of ‘Frankston Serial Killer’ Paul Charles Denyer who murdered three women in Frankston, Melbourne across a seven-week period in 1993. Viewers will witness the breakthrough that helped detectives secure a confession and for the first time, the detectives who investigated the 1993 Frankston murders will speak about the case and how they captured the killer.

While parts of the musical score had to evoke the violence and terror of Denyer’s crimes, the film is more focused on the loss and devastation he caused. This meant that the music had to speak not only for the victims and their families, but for all those affected by the events of 1993, especially the police who are still haunted by the case some 30 years later.

My score is predominantly ‘felt’ piano and unusual solo and small ensemble strings, but also features textural and electronic elements. I suppose it fits (very) loosely within the ‘Neo-classical’ genre but I’ll let you all be the judge of that! I hope I’ve done the material justice, and that you will all check out the film when it is released next Thursday 23 June on STAN.

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