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Twilight Time

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Album out on all streaming services July 26

    From the press release:

    Desmond Ball (1947-2016) was hailed by Jimmy Carter as “the man who saved the world” as he established the fallacy of the doctrine of ‘limited’ nuclear war. His study of Pine Gap – in the heart of Australia’s central desert – infuriated Australia’s defence establishment. Des Ball’s curiosity and commitments offer a window on nuclear war fighting, mass surveillance, global strategy and defence. Des’ work on Australian signals intelligence in Timor-Leste informed Australian citizens on issues governments prefer remain secret. He trekked deep into the sensitive borderlands of Burma and Thailand advising persecuted minorities on signals intelligence.

    Des Ball made a difference; his insights are everyday more urgent

    It was a thrill and a creatively rich challenge to be asked to score Twilight Time, after first having scored John’s earlier films Indonesia Calling (2009) and Love and Fury (2013). The score evolved significantly as work progressed, and features a variety of genres, most notably jazz, with a nod to early espionage scores and those early 70s soundtracks which featured vintage analogue synths.  A genre bending score!

    John Hughes
    Philippa Campey, John Hughes
    Uri Mizrahi
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