The Worm Hunters

Worm Hunters theme
Victor's heart attack
The final worm hunt
Soil contamination
Opening titles
Introducing Emma
Introducing Victor
Worm cowboys
Emma takes the bus

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Documentary (2011) – National Geographic, ZDF/ARTE
dir. Randall Wood | prod. Larry Zetlin | edit. Scott Walton
Gulliver Media Australia

The Worm Hunters follows 5 of the world’s emminent worm scientists from the Nicaraguan rainforests via the savanna’s of South Africa to Romania, Brazil, Estonia and beyond as they study and hunt for rare and unusual worm specimens. What is the relationship between earthworms and global soil fertility? What catastrophe awaits if the diminished earthworm numbers continue to slide? What can the earthworm tell us about earth’s geographic evolution? Will Emma find her mysterious blue worm? Will George find his father’s fabled 10 metre giant worm?

With a music brief that was ‘Global James Bond spy drama’ you don’t want to miss this one.