Like it was Yesterday

At the beach
In his memories

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Short Film (2011)
dir. Brett D’Souza | prod. Elisa D’Souza | edit. Brett D’Souza
[dS]2 Productions

Sometimes you need to look back to find the way forward. Dan is struggling to come to deal with his father’s dementia, watching helplessly as he slips further away. When Dan is finally forced to let go he discovers that his father had known this day was coming. Dan is given one last chance to say goodbye to the father he knew and when he does he discovers there are some things that can never be taken away”

The score came together beautifully for this one…

What the Critics have said...

“Like It Was Yesterday was the stand out. The tale of a young man finding ways to communicate again with his father afflicted by dementia through old photos discovered that carried detailed notes and letters on their backs was a fresh and moving exploration of this increasing issue in society. The D’Souza family production team involved skilfully stayed clear of layering on unnecessary additional sentimentality through careful use of their climax scene.” – Kryztoff Raw: Reviewing Adelaide April 2012