In Search of Bony

In Search of Bony
Booksales in the 50s
How to get rid of a Body

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Documentary (2006) – SBS1
dir. Lisa Matthews | prod. Caroline Baum | edit. Karin Steininger | narr. William McInnes | star. Aaron Pederson
Two Heads Media

Bony was the world’s first Aboriginal crime hero in fiction, who became one of Australia’s biggest publishing success stories. He solved bizarre murder mysteries in the Australian outback with his uncanny knowledge of the land and his ingenious tracking skills. He was created by English author Arthur Upfield. Today the Bony books sell in their millions overseas while in Australia the books are out of print and Bony is virtually unknown. This is the story of Upfield, and the events that inspired his controversial character.

What the Critics have said...

“This debonair detective is worth getting to know: for many foreigners he is our prime ambassador.”. – Natalie Craig, Sydney Morning Herald, January 24 2007