Dingo – Wild Dog at War

Dingo - Wild Dog at War
I'm David Graham
To Tallangatta
The maremmas respond
Helicopter sweep
Dingoes arrive

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Documentary (2013) – ABC1, ZDF, UKTV
dir. Adam Geiger | prod. Jay Court, Chris Hilton | edit. Karin Steininger
Essential Media & Entertainment

From the Essential Media and Entertainment website:

“The Australian bush is at war”¦ ‘DINGO’ follows farmer and canine advocate Dave Graham as he hunts for solutions to the dilemma surrounding Australia’s native canine the Dingo. A secretive and stealthy predator, Dingoes are responsible for devastating livestock losses. Farmers, in defense of their livelihoods, have long retaliated with culling. It’s a battle for survival, and it’s escalating. But is the Dingo really a villain? New research shows the Dingo may play a pivotal role in protecting Australian ecosystems. Sadly, this research also shows that the pure Dingo is on the brink of extinction. Featuring stunning behavioral photography and a wide cast of passionate stakeholders, this one-hour natural history documentary will attempt to untangle one of the most complex and emotional debates facing the Australian landscape today.”