Indonesia Calling screening at the Melbourne and Brisbane International Film Festivals

Yes, ‘Indonesia Calling’ is screening at MIFF on Saturday 25th July at 4:45pm and Monday 3rd August at 2:30pm. See here for details. Further information can also be found at the Early Works website. It is also screening at BIFF on Sunday August 9th at 1:30pm and the director John Hughes is speaking at the Indonesia Calling seminar with filmmakers Robert Connolly and Gotot Prakosa prior to the screening. If you can’t make it the ABC is screening this outstanding historical feature documentary in full later in the year.dutch east indies - indonesia calling

In other news I’ve just finished up a stellar doco on the Ballet Russes and their tours to Australia in the ’30s and ’40s. and their impact on our cultural landscape called ‘Ballet Russes: Our Cultural Revolution’ I’ll keep you posted on screening dates.