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New pages for ‘Secrets of the Forbidden City’ and ‘Rare Chicken Rescue’

March 13, 2008

Just added pages for Secrets of the Forbidden City and Rare Chicken Rescue including new music and pictures. I will eventually add new pictures to the flash player on each of the pages, however for now it’s just these two, and Over My Dead Body.

Unfortunately, unless you have The History Channel on pay TV (or a relative in the UK to record it for you!) you won’t get to see Secrets of the Forbidden City. In time perhaps I’ll post some footage – it looks amazing, truly. You will however hopefully see Rare Chicken Rescue in the next few months on the ABC.

About to begin work on an exciting 2-part docu-drama called Rogue Nation for Essential Media and the ABC to be directed by Peter Andrikidis and Lisa Matthews. I’ll keep you posted.

What a year! – And topped off with a ‘Best Music’ nomination…

January 30, 2008

A belated Happy New Year to you all. Well, it’s been a busy 3 or 4 months.

lady cui's first night - secrets of the forbidden cityI have just finished a feature-length docu-drama called Secrets of the Forbidden City for director Mark Lewis and Lion Television (UK) commissioned by BBC and The History Channel. This is truly an awesome film beautifully shot on location in China, and I hope to have a page with some more information up shortly. This is the most ambitious film I’ve ever worked on and the score reflects the scale of the production. So much fun with this one! – More to come including some music…

I also received my first nomination for the APRA – AGSC Screen Music AwardsBest Music for a Documentary for The Floating Brothel. I know it was a large field this year so this was a great honour. The awards were held on 27th November in Sydney and while I didn’t win (the award went to the outstanding ‘Bomb Harvest’ composed by Caitlin Yeo) it was a great night, and a hilarious ceremony hosted by H. G. Nelson. Check out the list of nominations and winners here.

Ten Pound Poms screened on the ABC on 1st November and is scheduled to screen in 3 days on the Timewatch program on BBC2 in the U.K. on Sat 2 Feb, 8:20pm. The film has also just been released on locally on DVD and is available to buy at ABC shops and other decent outlets here.

Over My Dead Body screened on the ABC on 15th November.

In between I completed original music for Rare Chicken Rescue for Randall Wood and Freshwater Productions to be sceened on the ABC later in the year (page to come)

runaway vaccuum cleaner - lucy wants to kill herselfI am currently working on the Film Victoria funded animation Lucy Wants to Kill Herself for Andrea and Craig Brookes of Blue Dahlia Films. I’ll have much more to say on this project over the next month or two but it’s looking amazing!

Three more docos added

September 28, 2007

Apologies for the long lag between updates. What with our little man now 11 months old we barely have time to scratch ourselves. Still, I’ve added a few new pages for Innocence (dir Dennis K Smith for Handmade Productions), Ten Pound Poms (dir Lisa Matthews for Essential Media) and Over My Dead Body (dir Ian Walker, for VizPoets). Each of these excellent documentaries should screen later this year and I have uploaded plenty of music for you to listen to on each of their respective pages. The only one I have a confirmed screening date for is ‘Poms’ which screens on the ABC Thursday 1st November – ages away I know but I’ll remind you all as it approaches. Three great mixes in a row too which I’m very pleased about.

Also finished a DVD for Duraloid promoting the Silk Cut Award for linocut prints (dir Miriam Johnson)

herman goes to folsom - innocence
taking advantage of the scheme - ten pound poms
Ten Pound Poms
kidney transplant - over my dead body
Over My Dead Body

Busy times…

June 26, 2007

peter recounts the alleged crime - innocenceFinished the documentary Innocence: The Dark Side of DNA to screen on SBS later in the year. When I get some time I’ll put a page up for it. Also done a short film called ‘Message for Humanity’ for the launch of the Australian hosting of USCs visual history archive.

Currently working on Over My Dead Body, a documentary by Ian Walker and VizPoets for the ABC, and the documentary Ten Pound Poms for Lisa Matthews, Essential Media, ABC and the BBC. Exciting times and will post a proper update when I have the chance.

‘Neil Perry: High Steaks’ screens Monday 21st May @ 9pm

March 14, 2007

Here comes another long overdue update…

rockpool finally opens - neil perry high steaks
I’ve just finished a 3-part documentary series for Essential Media to be screened on the Lifestyle Channel called ‘Neil Perry: High Steaks‘. Director Ruth Cullen followed celebrity chef Neil Perry of Rockpool fame for over a year during which deals were broken, restaurants were closed, hats were lost, babies were born, and Neil embarked on his most ambitious venture, Rockpool Bar and Grill at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Neil Perry: High Steaks screens on the Lifestyle channel Monday 21st May at 9pm, and on the following two Mondays. Of course, being pay-TV you really can’t miss it as it additionally screens at the following times. Check out the promo here.

In other news, Welcome to Wonderland was selected to screen at the Byron Bay Film Festival. I hope some of you ended up making it! A few reviews and more info about the film generally can be found here.

Essential Media have a new site, and have pages representing ‘Neil Perry: High Steaks’, ‘The Floating Brothel‘and ‘The Shadow of Mary Poppins‘ all which I have scored. Have a look.

Film Australia has a new trailer for ‘The Floating Brothel’, and this rather excellent documentary has been nominated and won even more awards!

SBS also ran a webchat following the screening of ‘In Search of Bony’ hosted by Lisa Matthews (dir.) and Caroline Baum (prod.) which might be of interest to those who caught the doco.

‘In Search of Bony’ airs this Thursday 25th January

January 18, 2007

boney - in search of bonyFlicking through the Green Guide this week reminded me that of course In Search of Bony screens next Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS. I hope you’ll all take a look at this documentary about author Arthur Upfield, and his fictional part-aboriginal detective Bony, that while little known here in Australia, is still a contraversial character today.

In other news, Welcome to Wonderland is now available to purchase at the following retail outlets nationwide.

At Last. The Floating Brothel Screens!

November 18, 2006

the floating brothelThe rather excellent documentary The Floating Brothel is finally screening this Thursday 23rd November on ABC at 8.30pm. It is also soon to be available to purchase from all decent DVD stores, and is available directly from the ABC from the following link.

Furthermore, In Search of Bony has been given the screening date of Thursday January 25th 2007, at 8.30pm on SBS.

I have updated the music downloads page, and now also have links to audio examples on many of my credits pages. Surf through my ‘Credits’ in blue on the left.

‘In Search of Bony’

September 22, 2006

how to get rid of a body - in search of bonyHad a bit of fun. I recently completed the In Search of Bony‘, documentary on the life of Arthur Upfield, the Australian-based author of the Bony series of novels about a part Aboriginal detective. It was great to once again work with Lisa Matthews, the director of The Shadow of Mary Poppins, and Karin Steininger, editor of ‘Poppins’ and The Floating Brothel

Incidentally, have you seen the promos for ‘The Floating Brothel’ in ABCs Spring season? Looks like a November air date…

Awards and Premieres…

May 25, 2006

mary in newgate - the floating brothelThe Floating Brothel has recently picked up a First Place Gold Camera Award at this year’s US International Film & Video Festival in the “History; Biography” category (the film screened as ‘Voyage of the Courtesans’ in the US). Congratulations to Mark Lewis, Karin Steininger, Sonja Armstrong, Deb Szapiro and all at Essential Media! Still no news as to when the film is to screen here (come on ABC!).

In the mean time check out this great pdf flyer for The Floating Brothel by Film Australia.

In other big news Welcome to Wonderland has been released on DVD! At a huge night last Friday the film ‘officially’ premiered at the Cinema Como on Chapel Street, and was screened again at Brown Alley (Colonial Hotel) for the after party featuring DJs from the film. It was a great night.

The film is currently available to buy from the Welcome to Wonderland Website with distribution to follow. The package includes the CD soundtrack as well as the DVD including almost 2 hours of extras (I never thought I’d get to be a special feature…). I also designed the sound for all the DVD menus which was heaps of fun. Check it out, it’s a great Australian film.

Friday Night Games!

February 19, 2006

friday night gamesIn the tradition of ‘It’s a Knockout’ the new game show Friday Night Games premiered last Friday 17 Februrary on Channel 10. Produced by Endemol Southern Star, I was commissioned to write the theme music. Friday Night Games runs for the next couple of months.

In other news…

The Floating Brothel premiered in North America on the PBS network on November 23 last year, screening as Voyage of the Courtesans on the ‘Secrets of the Dead’ series. You can actually watch their version here! It also screened this February 3 in the UK on BBC2 as part of the Timewatch series. No date as yet for the local screening but it should be on the ABC sometime in March or April.

The Premiere of ‘Welcome to Wonderland’

January 29, 2006

bubbles - welcome to wonderlandIt was worth the wait. The feature-length documentary Welcome to Wonderland had a special pre-release screening at the Rainbow Serpent Festival at midnight on Friday 27 January. Watching this documentary with friends James Short and Sioux Currie (the director and editor respectively) amoungst the gum trees under the stars was a beautiful and exhilarating experience. The numbers swelled enormously during the screening and the enthusiasm for the characters and the scene was insane. Great premiere and great night…

The Floating Brothel finished

October 25, 2005

A bold step - the floating brothelJust finished the score for an amazing documentary called The Floating Brothel for the ABC, BBC and PBS America. It’s a fantastic doco-drama examining the unlikely story of a boat load of convict women who resuscitated the dying colony of Sydney. Directed by Mark Lewis, edited by Karin Steininger and produced by Sonja Armstrong of Essential Media (previously Hilton Cordell Productions) this is a sumptous film of the type rarely made in this country. Tentatively scheduled to screen here early next year, I’ll let you all know the dates as they approach. It screens in Britain and America late November. I had so much fun doing this one…

Other News? A promo for the Yoga Radiance DVD was included with ‘The Age’ newspaper a couple of months ago.

Been a While…

July 19, 2005

Amelia and I have recently returned from a wonderful trip overseas visiting Hong Kong, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Canada. Yes, we were busy! Far too many highlights to mention in full, but the standouts were Dubrovnik in Croatia, Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia, Budapest in Hungary, and Selcuk in Turkey. It’s hard to be back in the routine…

Music news?

fable music media promos 2Fable Music’s Media Promos 2 Production Music CD has recently been released which I’m excited about. Eight tracks were contributed to this Image Library CD.

Prior to departing o/s I extended 4 tracks from the Welcome to Wonderland score for the soundtrack CD, which is to be released concurrent with the DVD later in the year.

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2005

living the dream - big shoes to fillI don’t know where the end of ’04 went, but I felt busy. I did a short film for Lucas Testro called Big Shoes to Fill which I was really pleased with. I also have finished the 5.1 mix for Welcome to Wonderland. There have been a number of post production delays and a couple of extra cues for me, but the sound mix is scheduled for early January, and the DVD release a couple of months after that. It’s a great doco and I’m looking forward to seeing it out there.

Yoga Radiance DVD

October 25, 2004

yoga radiance dvdIt’s been crazy lately. Just finished the music for a Yoga DVD called ‘Yoga Radiance with Jessie Chapman’. Almost 50 minutes of music with a 2 week turn around time. Apparently it’s going to be on the front cover of ‘Wellbeing’ magazine by the end of the year. Who’d have thought…

‘The Soul Benefit Show’ on Channel 31

October 12, 2004

soul benefit showI have written the theme and incidental music for a new series on Channel 31 called ‘The Soul Benefit Show’. The premiere is on Monday 11th October at 9pm. Tune in.

Welcome to Wonderland is nearing completion

August 12, 2004

bubbles - welcome to wonderlandWelcome to Wonderland is a unique documentary by filmmaker James Short, which aims “to give the audience a greater insight into Australia’s outdoor dance culture and reveal its wonders…an incredible journey that unveils the beauty, power and intrigue created when music, the natural environment and people combine”. I was commissioned by James to create 9 tracks for the film, and am currently mixing the score in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround for the DVD release later this year.