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Fun music for the next two episodes of Mako

October 18, 2013

mako mermaids - portal

The next 2 episodes of Mako Mermaids have some of my favourite music cues of the series! There are some big signature tunes and motifs in there too that keep reappearing as the series progresses. Moon Pools, tridents, Mako Island for Ep13 (today) and a bunch of tension and slapstick for Ep14. Great fun to write.

Tune in today at 4pm on Network Ten Australia.

Ozdox screening tonight – The Worm Hunters

August 14, 2013

introducing victor - the worm hunters
are hosting a screening and discussion on our documentary film The Worm Hunters tonight Wednesday 14th August at AFTRS in Sydney at 6:30. The Worm Hunters has an unconventional structure for a documentary and as such “Ozdox is showing this film primarily because of its form. In this session we will ask you, the viewer, to decide whether this documentary’s use of animated graphics, fast cutting, layered editing and multi-character stories enhances or devalues its mission of revealing important information about one of nature’s most maligned, undervalued and forgotten animals…
Randall who has a conservatorium degree in music composition and performance believes that “sound is the king and queen” and great music “is the heart and soul” of a film. The brief he gave composer Brett Aplin was to create a score for a “global James Bond spy drama” — so how does such a sonic “soul” fit with serious documentary purpose?”
(from the Ozdox website)

It’s won a bunch of awards so if you love documentary check it out and be part of the discussion

James Cameron’s DeepSea Challenge

August 6, 2013

Yes, this is pretty cool. Along with Ricky Edwards and Amy Bastow I have co-composed the score for DeepSea Challenge, the new James Cameron 3D documentary which chronicles his amazing descent to the deepest point in the world’s oceans, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.
(No, it’s not the Marinara Trench as one of my friends claims although I can see his logic there…)

You can check out all the amazing details at the official Nat Geo DeepSea Challenger website
Here’s a pic from the film


It was a real thrill, particularly the part where we got to record a string, brass and woodwinds section! Nice to ditch the orchestral samples occasionally. Here’s a couple of pix from the session at Allan Eaton’s in Melbourne

recording-session2 recording-session1

I reckon you’d be hard-pressed to figure out which composer wrote which cue but to point you in the right direction, I did a few of the factory scenes and a number of the dives, including the final dive (Yes, when you hear it that is a 17 minute cue…). You can guess the rest. The score was mixed in 5.1 surround at Trackdown Studios in Sydney.

I’m proud of the score and to have been involved. Thanks to Ray, Lisa, Jim and Peter H in particular. Check out the film won’t you. It’s getting a theatrical release – I have my fingers crossed for late 2013 but you never know with these things. I’ll keep you posted.

Mako Mermaids screens Friday July 26th at 4pm on Network Ten

July 3, 2013

Any parents of school age kids out there? I’ve just wrapped the new children’s TV series Mako Mermaids by legendary producer Jonathan M. Shiff (Ocean girl, Wicked Science, H20: Just add water, The Elephant Princess, Horace and Tina, Pirate Islands and the list goes on). The series is co-composed by the extremely talented Ricky Edwards and is a 26-part half hour series to be screened locally on Network Ten, and internationally pretty much everywhere! I was on board full time from Episode 9 but I also co-composed Ep5. ‘Mako’ is a spin-off from the wildly successful ‘H2O: Just add water’ which went gang-busters internationally (google it!)

It’s a great show. I would have lapped this up as a kid and my son loves it. Sit down with your kids and check it out.

Mako Mermaids screens locally on Network Ten as Mako: Island of Secrets and premières from Friday 26th July at 4pm

Checkout the trailer below (music by Ricky Edwards)

2012 Australian Screen Music Awards win!

November 21, 2012

Great news! At a ceremony on Monday night in Melbourne my score for Tiger Dynasty was awarded ‘Best Music for a Documentary’ at the 2012 Australian Screen Music Awards. It’s a huge honour and part of the score was performed live on the night by Paul Grabowsky’s ensemble which was also a thrill.Brett Aplin - Best Music for a Documentary - Tiger DynastyCongrats to all the other nominees and winners! Here’s a complete list – There’s some amazing names here….

Brett Aplin - Screen Music AwardsBrett Aplin on stage at the 2012 Screen Music Awards

‘Best Music for a Documentary’ nomination for Tiger Dynasty at the Australian Screen Music Awards

October 18, 2012

Tiger Dynasty has just received a nomination for ‘Best Music for a Documentary’ at this year’s Australian Screen Music Awards. I had my fingers crossed for this one too…
2012 screen music awards

We also just picked up First Prize at Italy’s Sondrino Film Festival where the Jury made special mention of the score…

“…The jury would also like to point out the high-quality of the soundtrack”


The Curse of the Gothic Symphony picks up AWGIE, and is nominated for an AACTA!

September 8, 2012

And the news keeps coming. The film The Curse of the Gothic Symphony recently picked up a prestigious Australian Writers Guild Award (AWGIE) for Best Documentary. Congratulations to Randall Wood (dir) and Anthony Mullins on their success!

Additionally, the film was just nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award (AACTA) for Best Feature Length Documentary. Congrats to Veronica Fury and the whole team!


Surviving Georgia score reviewed by Film, Music and Media

March 22, 2012

Film, Music and Media

Film, Music and Media have just reviewed my score for Surviving Georgia. It’s a great review too! Here are a couple of quotes:

“What Aplin has done is really make something rather unique, flavorful and just plain wonderful.”


“Within its simplicity, small sounds and short running time it was able to make a large lasting impression on me. It’s hard to explain it and with music that’s usually the case. You can’t really express it in writing, you just need to listen to it for yourself…So go on, go experience something new”.

Pretty happy with that. Listen to the score here

Stunning viewing figures for Tiger Dynasty!

February 3, 2012

Tiger Dynasty did some incredible numbers during last night’s premiere on the Natural World wildlife series on BBC2.

2 Million Viewers
8.3% Audience Share!

Congratulations to Nalla, Mark and the team at the BBC Natural History Unit. Well deserved

tiger main titles - tiger dynasty