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The Premiere of ‘Welcome to Wonderland’

January 29, 2006

bubbles - welcome to wonderlandIt was worth the wait. The feature-length documentary Welcome to Wonderland had a special pre-release screening at the Rainbow Serpent Festival at midnight on Friday 27 January. Watching this documentary with friends James Short and Sioux Currie (the director and editor respectively) amoungst the gum trees under the stars was a beautiful and exhilarating experience. The numbers swelled enormously during the screening and the enthusiasm for the characters and the scene was insane. Great premiere and great night…

The Floating Brothel finished

October 25, 2005

A bold step - the floating brothelJust finished the score for an amazing documentary called The Floating Brothel for the ABC, BBC and PBS America. It’s a fantastic doco-drama examining the unlikely story of a boat load of convict women who resuscitated the dying colony of Sydney. Directed by Mark Lewis, edited by Karin Steininger and produced by Sonja Armstrong of Essential Media (previously Hilton Cordell Productions) this is a sumptous film of the type rarely made in this country. Tentatively scheduled to screen here early next year, I’ll let you all know the dates as they approach. It screens in Britain and America late November. I had so much fun doing this one…

Other News? A promo for the Yoga Radiance DVD was included with ‘The Age’ newspaper a couple of months ago.

Been a While…

July 19, 2005

Amelia and I have recently returned from a wonderful trip overseas visiting Hong Kong, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Canada. Yes, we were busy! Far too many highlights to mention in full, but the standouts were Dubrovnik in Croatia, Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia, Budapest in Hungary, and Selcuk in Turkey. It’s hard to be back in the routine…

Music news?

fable music media promos 2Fable Music’s Media Promos 2 Production Music CD has recently been released which I’m excited about. Eight tracks were contributed to this Image Library CD.

Prior to departing o/s I extended 4 tracks from the Welcome to Wonderland score for the soundtrack CD, which is to be released concurrent with the DVD later in the year.

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2005

living the dream - big shoes to fillI don’t know where the end of ’04 went, but I felt busy. I did a short film for Lucas Testro called Big Shoes to Fill which I was really pleased with. I also have finished the 5.1 mix for Welcome to Wonderland. There have been a number of post production delays and a couple of extra cues for me, but the sound mix is scheduled for early January, and the DVD release a couple of months after that. It’s a great doco and I’m looking forward to seeing it out there.

Yoga Radiance DVD

October 25, 2004

yoga radiance dvdIt’s been crazy lately. Just finished the music for a Yoga DVD called ‘Yoga Radiance with Jessie Chapman’. Almost 50 minutes of music with a 2 week turn around time. Apparently it’s going to be on the front cover of ‘Wellbeing’ magazine by the end of the year. Who’d have thought…

‘The Soul Benefit Show’ on Channel 31

October 12, 2004

soul benefit showI have written the theme and incidental music for a new series on Channel 31 called ‘The Soul Benefit Show’. The premiere is on Monday 11th October at 9pm. Tune in.

Welcome to Wonderland is nearing completion

August 12, 2004

bubbles - welcome to wonderlandWelcome to Wonderland is a unique documentary by filmmaker James Short, which aims “to give the audience a greater insight into Australia’s outdoor dance culture and reveal its wonders…an incredible journey that unveils the beauty, power and intrigue created when music, the natural environment and people combine”. I was commissioned by James to create 9 tracks for the film, and am currently mixing the score in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround for the DVD release later this year.

Poker Kings on SBS

July 16, 2004

Robert Varkonyi winsPoker Kings aired on SBS on Wednesday 15th July at 10pm, and received positive reviews in national press publications, including the Melbourne Age, Daily Telegraph, and Sydney Morning Herald. It has also screened on the A&E network in North America, and is shortly to screen in both Ireland and Denmark.