Victor – Private Jetshare Community

Garden sprinklers
Just how it is
Last Summer
Urban easy

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Web campaign (2012)
dir. Kimberley Littlemore | prod. Kimberley Littlemore
Littlefox Communications

Victor is a private jetshare community, and I was commissioned to musically brand 3 web films as part of Victor’s campaign. From Victor:

“Living life without compromise. This is one of the privileges of being a high net worth individual. Money buys you the lifestyle and exclusivity you want. That is, until you travel. Budget carriers have revolutionised air travel, and to compete other airlines have removed service to reduce cost and remain competitive. This leaves high net worth travellers no choice but to join the ugly scrum at the back of the plane. Victor gives these people a real alternative. It’s opening up the private aviation market, now allowing its members to get real value from the previously closed world of private aviation.”

Two of the above cues were ultimately not used in the final campaign.