Tiger Dynasty / Return of the Tiger

Tigers main titles
First morning in Sariska
Baghani's first scout
Boar hunt
Tiger romance
The leopard
The village
Moving the kill
Dawn in the park
Remote cameras

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Documentary (2011) – BBC2, Animal Planet
dir. S. Nallamuthu | prod. Steve Greenwood | edit. Mark Fox
Grey Films

From the film:

“This tiger is the chosen one. She will be taken from her home and released into unknown territory. She will face a struggle to survive in a world full of uncertainty. Her challenge is to begin a new dynasty of tigers and to help save her species.”

Sariska National Park was once one of India’s premiere tiger reserves until all the tigers were wiped out by poachers. This film documents the story of four year old female Baghani, who with a hot-blooded male Rajore have been moved from their home to start a new life in Sariska. There they will learn to adapt to their new territory and navigate local villagers, poachers Sariska’s dominant predator, the leopard.

What the Critics have said...

“Director S Nallamuthu follows her progress as she settles into her new home in Sariska, hooks up with hot-blooded male suitor Rajore and fights off poachers and leopards. His passion for tigers shines through with his encouraging commentary and he captures plenty of stunning close-up images along the way.”. – TV Highlights 01/02/12 – Hannah Verdier, Guardian.co.uk, Feb 2012

”.The jury would also like to point out the high-quality of the soundtrack” – Jury comments on awarded Tiger Dynasty First Prize, Sondrino Film Festival Jury, Oct 2012

A stunning 2 millions Britons tuned in to watch this outstanding documentary when it first screened, representing an 8.3% audience share!