The Curse of Eleanor Crabtree

Crabtree titles
Romance and jealousy
The curse
1009 ways to die
The chase
Awake and alone

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Short Film (2011)
dir. James Cowen | prod. James Cowen | edit. James Cowen Design and Direction

“A hearse, the curse and some twisted verse.”

The Curse of Eleanor Crabtree is a short film by James Cowen that tells the tale of a woman cursed by immortality and the extreme steps she takes to be reunited with her murdered fiance. Inspired in part by the wonderful Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’ , this black comedy is set in a surreal world stuck somewhere between the 18th Century and the 1950s. The film fuses animation and live action techniques to construct a unique and hilarious slice of life, told as a rhyming poem.

Rather immodestly, I freaking love this score. It’s not often I get to put my Danny Elfman hat on…