The Bureau of Magical Things – Series 1

The Bureau of Magical Things
The book
The throne of Kai Kavus
Invisibility training
Flying lesson
Sally and her tooth
Losing a parent
Penalty shootout
Boynton's shack
Rogue water fountain
Peter wins over Ruksy
A good listener
The restricted section
Maxwell is lying
The Orb
Orla steals the Orb
Magic Tree
Orla threatens Sean
Shadow Cloud
Next move

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Drama series, 20 x 30 mins (2018) – Network Ten, ZDF
dir. Evan Clarry & Grant Brown | prod. Jonathan M. Shiff
Jonathan M Shiff Productions

From the Official Website:

From the makers of the global smash hits “H2O – Just Add Water” and “Mako Mermaids”

This extraordinary original series follows the adventures of teenage girl Kyra who is magically transformed into a Tri-ling when caught in a clash between an elf and a fairy. Now being part human, part fairy and part elf, her new friends Lily (a fairy) and Imogen (an elf) introduce her to their secret world and take her to a magic school headed by Professor Maxwell. Here Kyra learns how to control her newfound magical powers and begins to lead a double life. When Kyra develops powerful unpredictable magic, and the source of her power is revealed, she becomes a valuable weapon and an unexpected threat emerges. These young guardians, humans, fairies and elves must unite to save both their worlds