Pelicans – Outback Nomads

Water brings life
Circle of life
The land
Baby dingos
Searching for the lake
Suburban pelicans
Lake Eyre
The pelicans arrive
Searching for bones
Young life
Pelican creche
Getting weary now
Going home

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Documentary (2011) – National Geographic International, PBS America
dir. Susan McMillan | prod. Tina Dalton | edit. Mark Fox
Wild Fury Productions

In Australia, pelicans do something highly unusual. Every ten years or so they make a perlious journey to one of the driest, most inhospitable places on the planet. Why, has been a mystery to scientists. But now we can reveal the secret life of the pelican, the outback nomad.

What the Critics have said...

“So it is that 100,000 of these enterprising birds take off, every decade, at who knows what signal, on a thousand-mile flight to their paradise in the desert””a journey fascinatingly detailed here”. – Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal Online, 18 March 2011