Surviving Georgia score reviewed by Film, Music and Media

March 22, 2012

Film, Music and Media

Film, Music and Media have just reviewed my score for Surviving Georgia. It’s a great review too! Here are a couple of quotes:

“What Aplin has done is really make something rather unique, flavorful and just plain wonderful.”


“Within its simplicity, small sounds and short running time it was able to make a large lasting impression on me. It’s hard to explain it and with music that’s usually the case. You can’t really express it in writing, you just need to listen to it for yourself…So go on, go experience something new”.

Pretty happy with that. Listen to the score here

Stunning viewing figures for Tiger Dynasty!

February 3, 2012

Tiger Dynasty did some incredible numbers during last night’s premiere on the Natural World wildlife series on BBC2.

2 Million Viewers
8.3% Audience Share!

Congratulations to Nalla, Mark and the team at the BBC Natural History Unit. Well deserved

tiger main titles - tiger dynasty

Music download store now open!

January 29, 2012

Yes, I now have a download store where you can purchase music that I’ve officially released. Powered by the rather excellent Bandcamp, you can listen to the music in it’s entirety (not just a 20 sec grab), get info, lyrics for tracks and also download album artwork and liner notes. This is much more and a whole lot cheaper than what is available on iTunes and their like. Check it out!

(oh, and I urge you to check out too. They’re awesome)

Brett Aplin Download Store