Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries series 2 is coming

February 3, 2021

Dusting off our 60s chops for the upcoming new series of Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries starring the fabulous Geraldine Hakewill and Joel Jackson. Thanks to Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox and all at Every Cloud Productions!

Streaming service Acorn TV picked series 2 (apparently series 1 did very well overseas) but I’m told it will end up on Channel 7 thereafter!

My co-composers Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko at Zeitgeist Music are busy looking for some 60s duds. Burkhard didn’t have to look hard…

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Look what turned up in time for Christmas

December 26, 2020

Look what turned up just in time for Christmas! Yes, it’s probably a little boastful but I do like to have a copy of projects I’ve scored displayed on the studio shelf (even if I did accidentally purchase region A discs without thinking #Idiot #GlobalizationFail).

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries and My Life Is Murder were both scored under our Zeitgeist Music banner established with co-composers Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko.

#MsFishersModernMurderMysteries – Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox, Beth Frey, Fiona Banks, Kevin Carlin, lynn hegarty
#MyLifeIsMurder – Nick Murray, Claire Tonkin, Elisa Argenzio, Leah Purcell, Carol Johnston
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The Bureau of Magical Things season 2 is on!

December 23, 2020

The Bureau of Magical Things‘ is back for series 2!

Like many in the broader arts community, COVID hit the film and television sector hard and almost all productions were shut down. This affected many industry creatives including screen composers like myself. Many still don’t have work. However, I’m one of the lucky ones, back busily scoring the 2nd season of the worldwide hit TV series ‘The Bureau of Magical Things’ for Nickelodeon, ZDF Enterprises & Network 10! I’m very grateful to Jonathan M. Shiff and the team.

The first season of ‘Bureau’ screened in over 170 territories and received an AACTA award for Best Children’s Television, and is also available to stream on Netflix.

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The Gloaming acknowledged with an AACTA nomination

November 4, 2020

Well that’s not bad is it?

Very pleased that this fabulous series has been acknowledged with an AACTA nomination for Best Mini-Series. Congrats to producers Vicki Madden, John Molloy & Fiona McConaghy, directors Greg McClean, Sian Davies and Michael Rymer, and all the cast and crew!

The Gloaming score composed by Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin and Dmitri Golovko of Zeitgeist Music. Listen to music here.

Fingers crossed for a second series!

The Bureau of Magical Things is now on Netflix

October 31, 2020

Look what just showed up on Netflix! It appears the exclusive rights that Nickelodeon had to The Bureau of Magical Things have expired. Is this just on in Australia or worldwide?

Apparently Netflix has me at an 89% match for the show. I’m still trying to figure out what this says about me…

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Zeitgeist Music launch!

October 18, 2020

Since 2018 I’ve been collaborating with Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko on high profile productions allowing us to deliver the highest quality scores despite increasingly tight and often overlapping post-production schedules. We formalised this partnership earlier this year creating Zeitgeist Music a team which has now scored international feature films such as The Longest Shot, TV drama productions including the ABC/Netflix series Pine Gap, Network Seven’s Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, Network Ten’s My Life is Murder and the critically acclaimed STAN/ABC Disney drama series The Gloaming.

We are just getting started!

Please visit the Zeitgeist Music website for more information

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Three nominations for the 2019 APRA Screen Music Awards!

October 18, 2019

Pretty damn chuffed to have received three nominations for this years APRA Screen Music Awards: two for The Bureau of Magical Things (Best Television Theme and Best Music for Children’s Television) and one alongside my awesome co-composers Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko for Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (Best Music for a Telemovie or Mini-series).

Big thanks to all involved on both productions and congratulations to all the nominees!

Check out more information in this article from Inside Film

#ScreenMusicAwards #APRAAMCOS #AustralianGuildOfScreenComposers

My Life Is Murder now screening

July 18, 2019

Very proud to have co-composed the score (with the amazing Burkhard Dallwitz) to the new 10-part Network TEN drama series My Life Is Murder.

MLIM stars Lucy Lawless (Xena), Bernard Curry and Ebony Vagulans and is a light, sarcastic and witty crime show that is more about the characters (and strength of acting) than whodunnit!

It screens Wednesday nights on TEN for the next 10 weeks and soon will be streaming on AcornTV. Episodes are also available to stream on 10play weekly.

Big thanks to Burkhard, Producers Nick Murray, Claire Tonkin and Elisa Argenzio and all at CJZ.